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OT-Durango Problem

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My Dad has a 2000 Dodge Durango V8 that is having a problem. While I was out in his driveway zainoing my car he came home and did whatever he did inside and then went back out to go to the store. When he tried to start it nothing happened... it tries to start and clicks and it started once or twice but if you let the idle drop below 2000RPMs or so it would shut off. He said a check gauges light came on earlier in the day and the manual says to check to make sure things were properly charging, he said they were. Seems to me that it's not his battery or starter... could be the alternator or some kind of sensor/computer part? Any ideas?
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Coil or Cam Angle Sensor. Or Crank Position sensor. u didn't mention which engine he had. The 5.9 or the 4.7
He's checking on that right now... I do know it's a Durango SLT 2WD Automatic... so I'd assume the 4.7?
I told him earlier it's probably a sensor of some sort.
there's a "silent recall" on the crank sensor for the magnum engines(5.9/5.2/3.9), meaning that only if you have a problem with it will they replace it. mine was doing the same thing, and that's what it was.
So it's most likely the crank position sensor? Hopefully it is a recall because he can't afford repairs right now with all his bills and the holidays coming up heh... any idea how much it would cost if it isn't under a recall and how long it takes to fix? Think he should even attempt to drive the car to the dealer or just have them come and tow it?
not sure on the cost and what not, try or's a forum on dealer recalls here).
CPS runs about $100 or so. See if dealer will cover it. It should be still under 36K miles .... no?
Actually he has about 48K miles now... he drives about 200 miles every weekend heh.
anyone asked around on: ?

If it's a wide-spread enough problem, I'm sure they would know what's up.
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