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OT: Digi cam

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The time has come ... any input on a digital camera? As best I can tell, I should buy the highest mega-pixel I can afford. Any other advice?
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I've always liked the Olympus brands.

I had a D-490Z previously. It was pretty nice. I was looking at the 3040z, but decided to take a setup up and grab the 4040z. I'm still shopping around for the best price...

There is a ton of info at

Seems to me 3 mega pixels is plenty for what I'm intrested in for now.

Two cameras stand out: The Olympus 3040 and Cannon S30.

Anybody have experience with these?
I've never messed around with the Cannon camera... The 3040-Zoom is pretty nice. I've had the chance to play with one on several occasions. If you want some examples of photography taken with the 3040z, Check out Garret and Trae's pages, and, respectively.

You should take a look at digital Camcorders while your at it. They can take digital pics and make videos. I've been thinking of getting a digital camera too but might go with the digicam instead. is the best site to use.
I like the dsc-75 but the 85 was just released too.

Check my sig for the 75

The Olympus 3040 can take take quicktime movies w/ audio -- of course, the length of the video clips would be dependent on the size of the memory card that you use.

I'm not familiar with the digital video cameras, however.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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