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Hey guys,
Well, Im having a problem connecting my roommates computer. He's using XP and I am running 98. Right now we are connected to cable on my computer and I am running a hub using Sygate as the software. I have it running DHCP but my roommates computer can't still get on the Internet. He's got TCP/IP installed and its set as optain Ip automatically. And under the settings on the Lan in IE, its set as detect automatic settings. The 2 computers detect each other in Network Neighborhood but for some reason it's just letting him on the net. So I'm stumped. He recently had a computer w/ 95 that we had setup and it worked fine, so it's something w/ XP. thanks for the help.
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Is your cable modem internal to your machine or does it have cat5 out, then to a hub? External is your friend!

If it's internal and you're running some sort of internet sharing program, I can't help ya.

If it's a standard hub arrangement, no problem.
My cable modem is external, here's kinda how it goes, i have 2 nics in my computer, one goes to the actual cable modem and one goes to my actual 10base-t network running on a hub. Then I have sygate running as the NAT program. But maybe XP isn't compatible w/ my 98??? I don't know, im pretty stumped, I've tried almost everything I can think of.
Have you tried 98s built in ICS? (Internet Connection Sharing)
Also... Linky is your friend! :)
I loved my linksys cable/dsl router when I was living with my parents still... I think I might go take that back once I move outta my apt and go back to cable from DSL ;)

If you get a router like that you can use either computer at any time without having to make sure the other PC is on. Makes life a lot easier. :)

Go to this IRC channel for help.

Get yourself an IRC client.
Such as mirc, pirch, xchat, bitchx just to name a few...... is a place to get an easy windows client.

Once you get an IRC client installed use it to go to this address..
then join channel #ds9
I should be able to help you out once you meet me there.
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It sounds like your're on the right track.

Verify that his Win2k box is getting an IP address in your rage. I think 2k still has the 'ipcfg' command - run it from a dos prompt.

If the IP is in the range that your DHCP is handing out, have him try to ping something from a dos prompt. This will tell you if it's IE that isn't working or if no traffic at all is moving.

If it can ping an address (like - try several to be sure), then go into IE and take the checkbox out of <b>all</b> the decection options so it'll run without trying to do anything fancy.

If the IP address isn't within your DHCP assignment range, try specifying one within that range and see what he can do.

You've got your roommate connected to you, and he has an IP. That doesn't tell his computer to USE YOUR COMPUTER to find other internet addresses. Check that it is set to use your computer IP as the gateway (and probably the DNS server). That should open the door to the world.

If the cablemodem has an IP address (smartdevice etc) then you should put THAT IP as the gateway/dns.

Doublecheck your Sygate application for ICS support. I assume you mean 98se since you're using ICS.

Ping external addresses, then traceroute to them. That'll tell you where the failure is. Try hostnames and IP addresses too.

PS - You should be doing things the other way around. Use XP as the frontend -- it's got a more stable TCP/IP stack.

Caveat: All these things I read on the back of a Cheerios box, so don't cuss me out if it doesn't help.
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The DHCP arrangement assigns both an IP and a gateway. Although, now that I think about it, if you try my "assigned IP" test you'll need to set your machine's IP as the gateway address.
I'm not sure about this, but it sounds like you have the modem going into your computer, then out of your computer to the hub and then to his. I would send the modem into the uplink position on your hub, and then from your hub go to the computers. I had troubles at one time with not being able to access secured sights. What I had to do was reload the previous version of internet explorer (5.0). Now, I'm not exactly brilliant when it comes to computers, but wouldn't you need an ipx/spx compatible protocol? Just wondering. my .02.
Some modem Cable companys only assign one IP per computer so you can't connect the modem into a Uplink of the hub, it will only support 1 computer . The easiest way is to get a Router (I.E. Linksys, Netgear, 3com...) they are just under 100$US and generaly have a 4port 10/100 Switch built in. If you want to use the setup you currently are trying to do I would start with this:

Step 1: Make sure the XP machine can access your computers shared file before testing the internet, if your roommates computer can't even access your computer (even if it sees it, does not mean it can access it) then forget about internet, does your Gateway/Proxy Soft have a DHCP server built into it? if not you cannot set DHCP on your XP box you must supply manually a IP on each machine (use: and

Step 2: Make sure you set the proper Gateway/DNS setting in the XP computer, use the DNS address provided by your ISP the Gateway will be your Win98 IP (not the one that is provided by the Modem-Cable but the one in your internal network) your XP machine has to know what computer to go see to reach the internet

Step 3: Instsall the proper Gateway/Proxy software in your computer, make sure it's properly setup. (can't help you much on this I'm using Linux for that...)

You can try pinging (ping XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX) your win98 machine from the XP box if it works then try pinging an Internet address (ping if that works then your connected to the internet
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Got it figured out,

Thanks for the help guys,
I was going through all of this and I knew I had everything correct. I could ping his computer and he could ping mine, so very wierd situation. I had set the gateway and dns server but then i realized that i was also running dhcp on sygate. So I turned off the gateway and dns ip's out of the xp computer and got it running. So I assumming that this was causing a conflict.

that's what I wanted to do, but his computer is a laptop, and he takes it to school w/ him. So when I would want to get on the net, couldn't happen.

Thanks again,
Then you needed two solutions

First, you needed a technical solution (which you described above). Then, you needed a non-technical solution to keep the laptop in the room for your use. I'd recommend a sock-ful o' nickels upside your roommate's head. ChaCHING *ouch* You have a new computer!

Hey, that might actually work. But oh wait, he still has to pay about 2 more grand on it. Hmmm.....very tempting. :)
John M said:
It sounds like your're on the right track.

Verify that his Win2k box is getting an IP address in your rage. I think 2k still has the 'ipcfg' command - run it from a dos prompt.

For NT 4.0 and NT 5.0 (windows 2000)
in CMD

ipconfig /all
to view settings

ipconfig /release to release ip
ipconfig /renew to renew ip
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