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OT: Camry vs. Maxima SE 2002

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What would you guys think about one of these.. .. have any of you gone to test drive the Maxima SE 3.5? We are looking for a winter car for mom..[need to put the 3000 for storage..first signs of snow]
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Maxima is a better car, but the Camry is more reliable
The Maxima is more of a driver's car where the Camry takes you from point A to point B with no fuss.

Another strong candidate should be the Altima V6. Try one out - you'll be surprised. If I was buying a showroom new car, that's what it would be.
Good recommendation John. The new Altima definitely deserves another look. But I do love the look of the new Camry. We have a Camry in our family and it's foolproof. My dad NEVER warms up the car in the morning and it's still kicking. :D
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