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Ot:best Bond Girl

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i just got done watching some bond movies (goldfinger,,goldeneye) i was just thinking who is the best bond girl of all time i say pussy galore all the way i mean dude shes hot and with a name like that you gotta pick her! but you guys post who was your fav?
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I think "Plenty" from Diamonds are forever - Natalie Wood's kid sister (I think Lana Wood). also the Asian babes in "you only live twice"
ahhh asian girls are my weakness any asian girl in a bond movie i add to my list
I tihnk sprung monkey is the best bond girl....
Cause he's BONDED WITH MY D1CK!!!!

LOL Love you man...long time no hear. how you been?
I checked it I'm just too lazy to respond.... which gathering were you talkig about? and no to answer your question my ex-bitch is NOT going.... Not within 20 yards of me anyway.
This one

What happened with you and your ex-g/f now? If you don't mind answering that. You can IM, PM, or email me if you don't want to talk in public. AIM whitetiger7653
question my ex-bitch is NOT going.... Not within 20 yards of me anyway.
Double ouch! Is it for real this time??? Is there a restraining order? hehehe.

Pussy Galore is my choice. Or how bout Alota Fagina hehehe
My vote goes to

Denise Richards The World is Not Enough


Xenia Onatopp Goldeneye
Denise Richards is soooooo incredibly HOT... :cool:
Denise Richards is soooooo incredibly HOT...
I'll second that!!!!!!:D :D
This thread is going to end HERE and NOW.... The next Bond Movie is going to feature Anna Kournikova...
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are u serious??
mike: oh u just wish i was lol you homosexual man!

prodigy: fuck yea!!!!! maybe we can get some nude scenes from her heh but i doubt it
Ursula Andress - in Dr. No, I believe it was. :)
Definitely Ursula. Bikini, wet, knife, flippers, beach, face, hair, hips, poor grasp of English - she had it all. Too bad her career plunged farther than her cleavage.
I'll side with vr4lovr for Xenia!
Any woman who can drive a Ferrari like she did, puts her on top of my favorite lists anyday!
Plus with the Russian accent and nasty, feisty behavior grrrrr :D
#2 "This is my personal Secretary, Alotta, Alotta Fagina" LOL :)
If for nothing else, Pussy Galore is the best just because of her name. You could never name a character in a movie Pussy Galore these days. Ahh, the good old days when it was ok to be extrememly sexist in cinema.
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