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OT: Anyone drive a Volvo Cross Country?

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My wife drives a Honda Accord wagon (some of you may remember the "extended bed 3000GT from ECG 99), and it's time to replace it, since it has 207K miles on it.

Choices are a 95 accord wagon with only 50K miles from a coworker's sister for $10K, or...

Go and find a Volvo Cross Country wagon, probably a 98 with 40 or 50K miles. This has always been the station wagon that she admired. Of course, that would cost around $23 to $25K probably, so I'm looking for any feedback from you folks about the Volvo. We test drove one the other night for a half hour or so, and of course it seemed wonderful.

Any comments would be greatly appreciated.
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I dont have experience with the particular wagan that you are looking for, but my family is a volvo family. my mom has a volvo, my aunt has a volvo, my cusin had a volvo, and I have a volvo now. they are all the old boxy 240 series.

bascially, volvos are non-complicate veheicles. they are pretty much trouble free. my current volvo that I used as my utility car is a 1980 model and has 230 thousand miles on it. still has the original trans and engine, and the damn thing still pass the california emission.

the typical problem with volvo is the cooling and ac. the newer model should not have any more cooling problem since volvo use bigger radiators. but ac is just not cold enough, I dont mean that ac system break down, it just not a good ac when compare to american or japanese cars.

anyway, I think you cant go wrong with a volvo. they are less expensive to fix than its euro competitor and has less electrical failures. I think you would like it.
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Volvos are remarkably resilient. I had a '76 240DL for a while and that thing was a tank. It had about 250K miles on it when I got it and I put at least another 50K on it. It was still running strong when I sold it. (I saw it sitting at a repair shop shortly after I saw it but not sure what was wrong with it or if they were just pulling dents out).

They're excellent cars; 50K miles is barely broken in for a Volvo. Also don't forget their safety record... they have been going back and forth with Saab as the safest car line in the world for at least 10 years now. I can attest to the fact; I've seen Volvos in collisions with SUVs and bigger... the Volvos held their own very well.

One bizarre side note: My old Volvo had an ENORMOUS light right in the center of the instrument cluster that said "BRAKE FAILURE". I constantly feared that I would be somewhere- probably driving 80+ or on a hill- and that light would come on. Only car I've ever seen with something like that on it. :confused:
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ttt, hopefully one of you guys who read the board at night will have an opinion.

The Volvo V70 Cross Country is a nice choice. The are, however, nothing like the aforementioned 240 series cars. They are quite a bit more complicated than the ealier models. The only thing they have in common is the name. The 5 cylinder turbo has plenty of get up and go, and the AWD performs well. (Think Audi Quattro). Expect to pay around $600.00 for the 60,000 mile service. The timing belt is important to service at the proper interval. The new engines are "interference" engines, meaning you'll bend valves if you neglect the belt and in breaks(unlike the old 240's, with were not interference engines). They are also a bit hard on tires. Good luck with your choice!
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