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OT Any networking pro's wanna talk networks?

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Well I guess you can call me a newbie at networks but I know all common and basic networking hardware and such.

I just got 4-5 advanced questions I need help with...more like help being guided in the right direction.

I'm just trying to experiment for class and fun. I got 3 PC's to work with among networking equipment.

If your kind enough to help me here's my ICQ # and email below. I promiss I won't bug you that much :D

I'll check the post later if you wanna just leave your email here or ICQ #.

ICQ 5340887
email: [email protected]

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I am Net+ Certified and I am in the middle of Cisco CCNA classes so I can prob. answer most questions that you have...Unfortunantly I am going to sleep right now, and I dont have ICQ..I use AIM. Email me if you want
[email protected]
Me too

What are your questions?

Feel free to call me at the office

Chip Griffen
Entre Compter Solutions
Compaq, Cisco (even though I fucking hate Cisco this week and their god damn IP phones), IBM, HP, 3Com, Microsoft, Novell, and on an on

815-399-5664 ext 240

- I have an 800 number but I have no idea what it is
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woa you guys are cool so willing to help.

so anyone want to help me out with programming one of these days??
GOod luck on the CCNA redstorm. I got a 931 on it. It was harder than I had expected. Study more than you think you should.
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