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Osama bin Laden tried to kill me....that POO DICK!

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Man I got a good deal on some stuff at with FREE SHIPPING.... It was in that same post office in NJ that had anthrax.

Anyways I get this call from the mail room and they tell me that my package has some wierd powder stuff on it and their taking it in for test... So know I have to wait atleast 2 weeks before I get my goods. :mad:

It could be nothing but you never know. Thank god they saw it before they put it in my box though.

Why don't they just close all the drop boxes and force people to drop off their mail inside where they have cameras and people to inspect the packages?
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wow. that definatley sucks
Wow. Package checked out clean and I just picked my stuff up.

Still pissed but atleast they got it all taken care of and checked. Must have tested it with in 4 hours because I remember seeing a police car out side the mail room parked on the side walk early today.
he tried to kill me too.. three weeks ago tomorrow i was walking down a street with some buddies at 3 am, and this dark minivan drives by us slowly spraying white powder at us.. we were engulfed by this big cloud of white dust.. as a joke i yelled out "anthrax!" and we fled to the other side of the street.. then a few days later i got the worst flu ive ever had.. i was bed-ridden for 3 days and am still a little sick from it.. when i finally made it out of bed and to the doctor i was ever so relieved to find out that i just had bronchitis.. i dont need any more scary coincidences like that.. and those motherfuckers should be hung for pulling a prank like that..
Chances are it isn't bin Laden with Anthrax. It's much more likely that the Anthrax is coming from a country that already has Anthrax in storage like Saddam.
Yeah, I bet it is Poo Dicks gay lover Saddam. He's got lots of stuff I bet, biochemical and nuclear. Mokey see mokey do I guess. I really have no clue. I'd like to send the both of them a package that's for sure...
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