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Ordering on eBay - smoggable in CA?

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Hi, I'm considering buying a 1995 3000GT SL from out of state, but am concerned about smogging it in CA, and also how does the process of ordering a car online work? I'd like hearing from someone who's done it before.

Thanks all
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Any car for which you request a license in CA will be subject to the applicable smog checks (depending on age, some are exempt). It used to be every car brought in had a "penalty" charge ... but no longer, looks just like a normal license cost.

You can carry license under another state if you own property there. Else you have 2 months to register in CA. You may be able to go longer than that without being caught, bit they will accrue charges based on how long you have had the car in the state.

FYI: the car will meet CA smog checks if it is relatively decent tune and you have not removed the Catalytic Converter.
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