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Should I use the "" lettering?

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Opinions please.......Does this sound gay or not?

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I've seen several cars with little small "stick on" letters of their car sites. I want to do this and went to look for lettering today and had a hella time finding them. I went to Wal-Mart and they didn't have what I wanted. Their letters were to big, so I asked some sales assoc. where I might be able to find some and he recommended I go to Autozone. So I get to autozone and all they have is "rice" lettering and I just turned around a walked right back out not looking twice!:D:D Well, I head across the road to "Office Max" and find some small ones, but still not as small as I wanted. I decided to hold off and see what else I could find.

Have any of you did this? If so then where did you decide to stick them? The area with the "twin turbo" sticker is too small, so I was thinking about running them across the top of the 2 little rear quarter windows.
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If you go to a local sign shop they should be able to fix you up with vinyl lettering however you want it - font, size, color, etc.

yep, go to a local sign shop. That is the best place.

I got "" under my hood. I got the lettering in a garage sale for $0.25.
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