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opinions about haltech

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ok, i am deciding among fuel controllers right now, and i would like everyone's opinion on the Haltech system - if you have had experience with it - if it's hearsay, i'd rather not know. it looks like a great system, but so did communism before it was put into practice. thanks
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Well, I'm gonna give you some hearsay anyway, since I don't know of any VR-4's with a Haltech. My friend Ricki had a '94 RX-7 that ran 11.40's, and he had a Haltech on it. I talked to him once about using one on my VR-4 since I found one for a good price. I was told that you will end up replacing most, if not all of the sensors on your car, as well as need to have it dyno tuned for each level of boost you want to run. Al in all, I was told the cost for purchasing/installing the unit would be around $3500. Money may not be a problem for you, and if not GO FOR IT! Everything I've heard about this device for tuning has been positive, and was told it's the way to go, if you can do it.
so, what did you go with instead of the haltech?
p.s. and what is that color you photoshopped onto your car? i want to paint my car with that color!
I dont have a fuel controller, though if I went with one, I'd use a AFC/VPC combo. I think it has a far greater range of adjusability than an ARC unit. Someone with more experience in tuning 3/S air fuel will find this thread. I just have yet to try it on my car, or I'd be able to help ya more.
aam run's the haltech on the purple beast. mikeal kensos ditched the haltech for the autronic...
I have a haltech E6k..I run it in one of my 3kgt vr's..let me tell you it's a little finicky but once it's up and running then you're good.
It is a bitch to install though, as you need to put in a cam angle sensor that requires removing a cam from the car.

I have another on order at AAM that I plan on dropping into the stealth, just waiting on the rest of the order to show up (Tein Ha's) before I go pick it up.

Though I am kinda interested in seeing what the gt pro Ecu will do.
i'm waiting on the tein's too :) i am really hoping they get here soon!!!! anyway, if you don't mind me asking, what was the final cost of the haltech and all the associated hardware? it's either this or GTpro's new computer.
The haltech with everything came to about $,1500.00

The teins are great btw I have a set in my stealth, The Ha's are the way to go.
I had Haltech E6K in my car but I changed to Autronic because the E6K lacks several functions that I think our cars deserve. The most important is that you cant run sequential ignition and fuel and that sucks.

Don't use a cam sensor for your Haltech. Make a trigger wheel and bracket for a crank sensor instead, that way the installation is much much easier.
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