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Only 10,000 miles on my RPS Clutch (FRIED)

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Hey has anyone had any problems with their rps stage 3 clutch..If so what kind of clutch do you recommend?:confused:
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You're not the first to post this...

I've heard alot of people claim their RPS stage 3 only lasted them about 10k. Sad because I was going to go with the RPS next year after upgrading my blower. :(

Have you finished your '99 conversion yet?:D

YEP! RPS SUCKS!...I finished the 99 conversion and lowered it..I'm now looking for a good painter...JC
Good god, look at that mod list. No way the stage 2 clutch is going to stand up to that abuse. Talk to matt(, maybe he can set u up w/ one of those $2500 clutch plates :)

Bite the big bullet on this one babe.

Pitroad M 2500.00

RPS CC 3000.00
I have an Advanced Clutch Technology street combo which grips way better than stock. And I've literally thrown it into gear a couple of times as fast as I could and it engaged fine. I got it from Accelerated Accessories for about $650. I would definately stay with ACT, I can really tell a huge difference over stock, and its not to ruff for everyday driving.
Todd, you don't have a list of any mods in your sig, but if you look at Hulk's or Pokey's list of mods, you'll notice some 'minor' turbo and fuel system upgrades....:p:p

The amount of power they're putting down won't be held by an ACT clutch unfortunately.

Guys, I feel for ya. I wanted to chase serious HP at one point myself too, once I got my car running right (I'm still ironing out problems from the previous owner's neglect) but grew hesitant when I found out how many Clutches, tranny's and tires I'd be chewing through once a year....

But I give ya guys mad props for doin it! It all looks great! Keep representin!

were you driving in traffic a lot? with high stage racing clutches riding them at all will make sure they burn away quickly. a friend of mine has a starion that he just threw a new clutch in. if he doesn't want to burn it up he has to hit it hard......iot's either on or off, no in between or inching foreward.
ACT has several different applications and unless you plan on going over like 800HP, it wouldn't have any problems holding
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