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On NY 347 Long Island- red Stealth!?!?!

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Today, 6 pm, just up from LI112... You have what looked like an aftermarket front, sides, spoiler...

I KNOW I have seen the car here.... who's was it?!?!!
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I was on 347 about that time, but I dont think it was me from the description that you gave.

I think I know the car you are talking about though, I believe he has the ebruni kit on it and the big wing..
Hey shadow!! I was on 347 at the same time and saw the stealth as well--around 6:20 i think. I was on my way to class at stony brook. I know the guy, his license plate is something like rk1tect , i can get u his # (he later on met up w/us at our 3si meeting 2 months ago).

I also saw a red stealth today, with white racing stripes, it was nice. Bro, give me a call some time, 209-0862 (same area code as you). Redstorm, i think we talked once before but you couldn't make it---next time hopefully you can :) but i will hopefully have a vr4 this time :D

I'm sick of driving this 88 caddy in the meanwhile!

:edited for spelling:
also---here are 2 pics of it

PS---why are you in NY...ur not in oklahoma anymore shadow;)
I been up at EWR Airport in NJ for nearly a month now. I posted when I first got here, trying to get guys together... it musta got lost in the daily grind :)

I am headin back to OK tomorrow to see if my car is kaput or if it will be dealin 11's this year...

That Red Stealth was pretty decent. Right before him I saw a red ES or base... I was in a big arse expedition and nearly gave my wife a heart attack tryin to see the Stealth (a coworker pointed it out) :D

I'll probably be up in this area again soon enough...

But for anyone reading check out the DENVER post!

I feel left out, all you suffolk county guys are having all the fun
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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