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Whohooooo!!!!!!!!!! yes!!!!!! fianly!!!!!

Whats up man! I've been waiting for this for a long time yo! I'm in Oki now (Kadena)..been here since Oct. Man I dotn know where to start.. sorry I'm just really excited. I havent been able to hook up with hardly anyone.. let alone any GTO owners. One of my buddies has a Skyline and my other boy has a Supra and they are both cool but havent done anything to thier cars. GTO's are rare here compared to Supras, skylines, 300z's ect..ect. The guy who I bought mine from said there are a lot more there than 5 years ago.. but I've only seen less than 10 other GTO's here lol (havent been able to hook up with the owners though b/c I'm either passing them in the oposite direction or they are very shady and don't speak!:mad: ..anyway man.. out of the less than 10 GTO's I've seen, most of them arent turbo that I could tell.. I think I probally have THE/or one of the only 1st gen red TT GTO's here. There are some good "car toy" shops here. There is also a street racing and drifting scene here.. i'm going tonight I can't wait! (I'm not taking my GTO this time though.. I'm going to be taping the action tonight for all the guys here who don't get to see skylines and EVO's and silivia's in action every day like we do :D This place is krazy man! Anyway hit me up with an e-mail or a PM
[email protected]
keep in touch man. peace! ;)
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