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Ok This Time I Have The Picturs.

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:) Ok,thanks to some guys over herethat they show me how to find a way to post the pics of my car.
Check them out and tell me your opinions please.
Personaly i thing that is a BADD A$$ GTO,look like a war machine and i love it,of caurse this is my opinion.
i will be waiting.Yiannis,Cyprus.
My Email is: [email protected]

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We're sorry!
The Webshots page you have requested has either moved or no longer exists.

Click here to visit the or wait a few seconds and you will be redirected.

If you are looking for the Webshots Desktop Software, visit the download page.
nice. It worked and looks like you've dont lots of work to you car. Good pics
vey nice man :)
What kind of hood is that? and second what is that on your passenger side head light?
Very nice...esp the color. It that that Lambo Diablo color (can't remember the name). What is that bulge on your passenger headlight cover?
What is the extra thing on the passenger side popup? I like the lazy eyes look. can post images directly in a message by getting the properties of the image eg.

and copying the URL and using the IMG button.

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thanks for the coments,everithing on the car is custom made ,the air duct on the headlight,the air scoop on the hood ect.... the hing on the dash is a shift light and the color is from the 30TH ANIVERSARI OF THE LAMBORGHINI DIABLO SE,LAVENDAR .
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