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Since no one has any answers on this i want to educate the community as i have found it!

You can use the NA oil pump in a TT like the one found from parts dinosaur! ITs a great and cheap alternative but....

The part numbers are slightly different for a reason

I have just used an NA pump in my TT and found i have low oil pressure at idle but perfectly fine above 1k rpms. whats the problem? upon doing a little more research and a caps part number comparison between the NA and TT pump internals my suspicions are confirmed that the pressure relief spring and solely the pressure relief spring are different between the two pumps. If you are to use a NA pump be sure to swap the pressure relief spring from your old pump to new one!!!! Other then that it will work fine. I am going to drop my pan again and swap these springs in my own car in the near future.

(4 bolt) NA TT
Spring MD015988 MD174687
Gear MD131335 MD131335
Gear MD131336 MD131336
Plunger MD021563 MD021563
Cover MD185793 MD185793
Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but I'm trying to figure out if my 93 TT will be able to use an oil pump from a 93 N/A.

If you're still on this forum what year was your TT? As all years of the N/As had a 2 bolt block vs all of the 93+ TTs were using a 4 bolt.
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