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I don't know anything about THAT tool in particular, but I can tell you that a master craftsman friend of my from my old work put "weld studs/nails" on my Spyder's pan to pull a small dent.
Once attached he used a couple of 2x4's a tool that I called a reverse hammer (the jaws clamped onto the stud/nail, and then he rammed the hammer and pulled the stud down (the "arms" of the hammer rested on the two 2x4 which were c-clamped to the frame [away from the pan]).
Once done the studs/nails were carefully "cut" off then the pan was primed and painted.
All done in the nice warm engineering lab :)
Pulled the car in, did the work, pulled it back into my spot out front of the building. A little over an hour start to finish.

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