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I know that the stock oil cap is leak prone and my is getting pretty bad and I just wanted to know if anyone could point me in the direction of where to find another one, non stock that is.
Thanks in advance,

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I just had to fix mine... I went to the dealer and asked him for a gasket.. And he told me that you couldn't just buy the gasket... You had to buy the whole oil cap. So I handed him the part number for.... yep, the gasket and he was like.... Oh THAT gasket! Well you can buy them but you'll have to special order them. it'll take like 2 weeks to get here. They cost .35. so I was like 2 weeks? DAMN! (I was leaking oil all over the place) So I said how much is the oil cap? Oh that'll be 9 bucks.AND we have them in stock (wink)... (Figures)... Well 10 bucks later I get a new oil cap and it doesn't look as cool as the origional... So I pull off the new gasket and chuck the oil cap...

Thats my frustratin oil cap story...
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