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OH Damn! My speedometer and odemeter just quit working.

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Any body ever have this happen to them before if so what was your fix?

I was going about 45 mph and then the needle got reall jittery and then just dropped down to 0 where it stayed the remainder of the trip home.

Good News odometer doesn't work!:D

Open for suggetions. I am in the middle of searching for answers right now through the search function and looking at my manual on cd. Just looking for the quickest answer.

Thanks guys!
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Did you try checking the speedo cable?
I am in the middle of searching and I was going to check that out.
Basicly what Hans is saying take out my gauge cluster look to see if the white needle is spinning if it is then I need a new gauge cluster. Not a problem!

If it is not spinning then I will need a new cable. FUCK!!!!!!!
*at the top of his lungs*

How do I even begin to change this out. If the dash has to come off then new gauges all around are goin in. There is one upside to it.
I had a similar problem with my '93 3kGT. I changed the cable and still have the problem. It was the "spinning cylinder". I don't know if this is the correct name for it. But it's the cylinder that makes the cable spin. By the way it's plasctic and that's the reason it wears easily. I think it cost me around $30.00. Not hard to install. Take Intake out. Disconnect the cable (one screw). Twist the "cylinder mechanism" until you get it out. There is a "pin" that holds the cylinder. You can use a small nail to take it out. Replace the cylinder put it back. That's it.

Good luck.
At least you can't speed!

I’m I the only one that has an electric Speedo?

I thought that all of the 3000/GTO had as electric Speedo not cable?

Or is this only a GTO thing?

91-93 non-turbos had a speedo cable. I know all the TT models came with an electronic speedo.
Thanks man :)

That’s something I didn't know
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