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Well, it's OFFICIAL... NG04 will be held in INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA on July 14-18, 2004.

Guys/girls... I won't even go into details on the huge events that we're planning. But check out for completely updated events and schedules (just now uploaded all the changes!), plus details on all the events.

I will highlight a few things;

1. NIGHT DRAG RACING!!! Under the lights 6pm to midnight!! Cooler track for better times... less sun for sunburns. :)

2. A lap around the Indy 500 track (as well as pictures and video!)

3. More Hooters goodness

4. EVENTS ALL START AT 10am or later (exception is the Road Course and frankly the participants for the RC should be sleeping early the night before ANYWAY!)

5. More evening free-time!

6. More scheduled cruises over planned routes

7. TONS MORE. This will absolutely be the BEST NG EVER!!

What a TOUGH decision, and a TOUGH JOB getting all the track logistics worked out. I'd like to publically thank TiffanyG for her extensive research (and I'm talking DOZENS UPON DOZENS OF HOURS at the minimum) and negotiations with the tracks. Also thanks to John Monnin and Alan S. for their guidance and input as part of the NG Planning Committee. The final decision was made by a unanimous vote of myself, Tiffany, John, and Alan.

I'm posting here the main reasons that Indy was chosen. Both Chicago and Indy are AWESOME cities with SUPERB track facilities... but here's where the decisions were made:

1. Track Logistics: Indy offered ONE location to have ALL driving events. This simplifies planning and scheduling, as well as makes it easier for participants to find the events. In addition, it allowed us to have 2 events on the same day, saving an entire day of track-rental fees!

2. Track facilities: Indianapolis Raceway Park is THE PREMIERE drag racing facility in the USA. The only one that compares is Route 66 in Chicago (which was the other front-runner). With the media attention we are getting we NEED to have a superb facility. In addition, IRP has a great location for the auto-cross as well as a very nice Road Course track.

3. Insurance: IRP requires $2 million in liability... this is approximately $3000 in premiums to be paid to the insurance company. There are VERY FEW tracks ANYWHERE that require less than $5 million, and $5 mil insurance costs $12,500!!! The tracks in Chicao required $5 million. Obviously insurance costs were a HUGE factor. We simply cannot afford to shell out $12,500 just for insurance for the events.

4. Date Availability and ability to reserve/book NOW. Indy was the only track that would allow us to reserve/book the track time NOW. Every other track wanted us to wait until at least January... Route 66 wouldn't even talk to us about possible dates until FEBRUARY! In addition, Indy had availability on the 2 dates that were feasible for the NG. Luckily, one of those dates worked out.

5. City Location: In staying with the "population center" goals of the NG... Indy is again right in the center of many major population areas... close to the East Coast (where most of our participants come from), an easy drive from Chicago and Detroit... an easy drive for the big group in StL, as well as the big groups in KY/TN. It's also reasonably close for the Southern states.

The good thing that came out of all of Tiffany's research was that we found there's only a very limited number of cities that will EVER fit our requirements for this Gathering. Those requirements being:

1. Road Course and Drag race (1/4 mile) facilities within max 45 minute drive of each other.
2. Track facilities that present a good public image of our group (ie. no more mom-and-pop tracks like here in Elkhart)
3. $2 million or less liability insurance requirements.
4. "Population Center" considerations.

This, of course, will limit future Gatherings to a smaller number of cities BUT the good news is that those cities are spread out a bit, allowing a "rotation" so that we can cater to different geographical locations in the US. :)

All this said, I'd be more than happy to answer any questions about Indianapolis, the events for NG04... or to expand on the decision-making process. However, I will not respond to "you shoulda had it here" type posts... or "next year have it here" posts.

MAN OH MAN... I'm HYPED ALREADY. This is going to be AWESOME!!

Need MORE $$!
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Have you confirmed IMS?

Have you confirmed the lap around IMS?

Only asking, as they have the F1 race at the end of June and NASCAR in early August. Will they have the track converted back to the oval, or will it still be the F1 course?

If you've never beed to the Brickyard, it alone is worth the trip! I've done the oval a couple of times (during May, when I lived in Indy) with the Stealth TT... WAY COOL!

Have Fun!

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great job guys securing this event, I wanna do the poker run, I feel lucky!!
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finally! a national gathering i can make it to.
i to am interested in the lap around the track, sounds fun either way. im definately in for this one! :D
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