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odometer fraud?

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is there any way to tell if an odometer on a 3000gt has been tampered with? i know on some cars if u tamper with it, it leaves a marking or changes color... the reason i ask is i was looking to buy a 3000 gt that i saw but the miles are very low for the year, i did a carfax on it and it came back okay, but i was just wondering since the mileage was so low, only 31k on a 95 vr4
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Alot of 3000gt owners use the car as a for the weekend. I only drive mine a couple days a week to school.
ask for records

Ask the seller for maintenance records....they would provide a history of the cars milage.

They are VERY easy to change.
dude 31k for a 95 is not that low for a vr4. I've seen 91s with lower than that before.
Yeah, better forget about it. In fact, why don't ya give me the information so I can check, er I mean straighten this guy out? ;)
Check the condition of the pedal, especially the clutch.
They changed the odometer, but they won't change the pedals.

A lot of dealerships keep records for atleast a couple years. Simply have the guy stop by wherever he got his oil changed and get copies of the receipt printouts. Even Wallyworld and Kmart's oil change places keep records for atleast that long.

The mileage is ok, its not exceptionally low. I have an Italian exotic with 3400 miles and its a 1990. People drive and treat their cars differently. The stealth has 53k and its a 1993.

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