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Octoberfest 2021

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Are there any plans to do Octoberfest this year?
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If something does happen with a meet please pm me or post it here. I don’t do the book of faces where apparently New England 3si is active.

This has not been planned yet. there will be a meet give it a couple weeks or so and details will be posted here and Facebook if they decide to stop banning me by then.
Wow, it’s almost October already?
Date is looking like October 16 or 17. more to come
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This year's meet will be on october 17th. more details very soon.
A few people no longer have their 3s but are still coming
No more 3/s, but i'm in this year
Wait… what?
Meet is official. Date is still October 17th. Starting location will be harbor freight in berlin just off the berlin turnpike. Meetup time is 12pm. From there we will be cruising up rt9 to haddam then hitting some nice back roads all the way to Harkness park in waterford. There we will have plenty of time to enjoy the property. There are plenty sights for everyone there. Once we're all set there will will be cruising over to captain Scotts in Niantic for some late lunch early dinner.
Nice, is that the harbor freight on Webster Square Road? Just want to make sure
I suppose I can leave the VR4 at home if it’s going to be that kind of party.
Bring what you desire sounds like there will be some different cars there too.
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