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October Quickening 2001 Pictures POSTED!

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I just finished uploading the pictures from this year's 5th annual October Quickening. Enjoy!

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eric, your pictures are AMAZING!!!!! the ones at the end are absolutely spectacular.

who owns the black VR4 with the bronze rims?? all i can say about it is WOW :D
That's Juan's car. I forget his last name, but he was at the DSM Shootout, and has done a BUNCH of stuff to his car since then, including racing seats that are actually comfortable!

Thanks for the comments too!

Just to be a bit nit-picky, Juan had the seats in at the Shootout. He has done a ton of stuff since then, which I think included the rims/tires, and probably the Stage III Clutch...


ps just starting to look through the pics, they are outstanding as always!
I can't believe I'm saying this...

...but I miss North Carolina. :(
Sorry Hal, I didn't know he had them in at the shootout, he was talking about them in Mass like they were new, si I figured they had been added since then. Ah well, regardless, they were remarkable comfortable for racing seats.

Hal, what email address do you want me to use when people contact me about the silver pin and necklace/charm pendant?

Turd, the black car belonged to the black guy sitting down eating in this picture: . Not sure of his name (I'm terrible with names!), but he showed up Saturday afternoon, and had only recently bought the car. Hopefully he'll come to more events! It was a beautiful car to say the least!

Eric ,
This shot is excellent ! Nice work on all the photos !!
Eric, YOU DA MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OUTSTANDING pictures. Thanks for the memories :cool:
Jerry and Nathan Scolamiero
PS Juan, your VR4 is BEAUTIFUL!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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