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NTB fucked up my chrome off my $575 Antera wheel, what should I do?>>

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I called them the next day to report it and the manager was very nice and helpful. But then he gave it to the manager that was there that day I went. Some young punk. First he denied that their machine did it, but I know for a fact that they damaged my rim, it even has these contact marks all around the rim. NOT a curb scrape either. I let him know that I used to be a tech and I knew what damaged wheels look like from a tire machine. He then agreed to re-chrome the rim, but only after I get the rim repaired, it's a little bent on the inside lip from a construction zone.

I told him that I never planned on repairing the rim since it wasn't noticeable while driving. He told me that's the only way he could get it chromed. So, now I have to shell out some cash afterall cause of their fuck-up. And that I'd be without my rims for about a month!

So, this is what I was thinking. Maybe suggesting that they go ahead and fix it too since they're inconveniencing me and I'm going to use my old wheels till I get them back. I don't know how they would normally do it, maybe put some of their cheap wheels on in the meantime? Anyway, do you think that's a stupid thing to suggest? If not, how should I go about it?
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I say its there problem and if they rechrome it then they should have to pay for whatever cost it takes to get the re-chromed.
Tell them how it is - The rim was perfectly fine except for the little bent lip...and then NTB screwed your rim up putting a new tire on it. So they are responsible for all cost relating to it getting rechromed.


I'm sorry about that man, that sucks. I always wondered if there were extra precautions I'll need to take when I get nice wheels on my ride.

I think of it like this: If they scratched your dented door, instead of the wheel, would you think it's fair that you repair the door for them to repair their damage? I wouldn't think so. Your car is imperfect in many ways - that doesn't excuse their negligence when working on your vehicle. (Small dents in the door don't mean they can lean their beltbuckles up against the frame & jiggle around listening to the radio music, right?)

Nothing they are responsible for should be contingent upon you doing something first. At least, that's how I feel reading your post. I think they should fix it to meet or exceed its condition when they began working on it. If they can't meet the condition (like you said, with a pre-existing dent it can't be chromed) then they have to eat the difference & satisfy the customer.

Small claims court would probably allow you to bilk them for enough for 4 new rims. They should cough up for a new rim I think.
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I had always used Discount Tire to mount my 18" tires, they only charged me $5 a wheel, never a mark. But it was on a Sunday, when Discount's closed, but NTB's open. Pisses me off, I usually go higher than a manager when the manager doesn't give in, but they're site doesn't have any contact info.

Also pisses me off just the fact that I'll be without my wheels for a month for their fuck-up. That's why I feel they should go all the way for me. I made it clear that I did not ant anything free or to get the tech in trouble. I just wanted it back the way it was because I didn't do that damage.
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