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Now This Is How You Sell A Ugly Car Lol

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bhahaha :D now thats an idea

poor viper :(
Wait a minute....

thats one lucky viper....

too bad he's ugly :eek:
im gonna write whoever wins and tell him to give him my name :(
150k paint job? what a waste...that shouldnt even be driven around if its such a work of art. That would be a riot if someone bought it and as they were leaving hit a trashcan or something
That is the damn ugliest custom paint job I've ever seen. $150K for that? He was smoking some seriously good crap or got locked in the garage with the fumes while the car was still running.
There are so many ways to have such a nice paintjob that would make ppl "oohhh and ahhh" at without paying that much and having so much going on in a fucking paint job. People are so dumb sometimes
My luck, I'd probably leave it out in the rain and it would wash down to primer... :D
You know, I was at Midwest Gathering II last year and there was a guy there (EMAIL ME IF YOU KNOW WHO IT IS) who had the blue angles airbrushed onto the rear fenders. His paintjob kicked this viper's ass! Here's a pic of it:


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This same viper was on sale a month or so ago. Now he got pictures of girls in it...How great.
You got to admit the paintjob while in poor great quality. Wish someone would repaint my car and do a really nice job. Heh they will just not for cheap lol.

The car looks ugly and I wouldn't want it. Unless you are into collecting it and sitting it in your showroom til the guy who painted it was dead...then sell the car....for a lot of money MAYBE.

kinda nice the black chick holding all her weight on a 150,000 paint job lol
I've seen that car before. The guy who owns t was on Access Hollywood or Extra, can't remember which. The guys story is basically he was a online broker or day trader, who made some big cash put spent it unwisely. Basically he's in the hole for wasting cash like he did on the paint job. He's selling all of his toys so that he can pay the IRS...whata doof
shit i need to find some rich person to buy that car so i can get that 20 grand lol
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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