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Nos comes on, ZX-11 goes down

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I was out tooling around in the viper(NOS armed, jetted for 150hp). When I see a buddy of mine that rides a ZX-11 that lives to talk smack about how fast bikes are and are so much faster than ANY car. He avoids me prity well when I am in my stealth(not wanting me to prove him wrong or something), but in the viper (thinking it is still stock) maby he will take my bate. I make a fast U-turn and catch up with him, and tell him "hay lets go out the the truck by-pass and run! The reply comes, "LOLOL you don’t want nun of this!" I reply "O yes I do". so he follows me out. We line up side by-side at about aq 30MPH roll, and I tell him "You say when". He nails it and I hit it a split sec. after. He has be by about 1/2 a car as i finish 1st, I nail 2nd and as soon as I stop spinning I start to real him in, 3rd comes and I pull past him now he is about at my door, I pull threw 4th and he is right with me. 140mph comes, and I nail 5th and start to pull a bit more on him. at about 160mph my V1 goes blip "HOLY SHIT" I nail the brakes as the V1 Maxes out! (F**K I'v been clocked!). I'm down to about 80 when I see the cop going the other way pulling over the median turning around. " do I run? only viper in town, thy know who I am. Aaaa the heck with it. I start to slow down, I look in the rear view and see the light, he blows past the bike and comes for me!"

1st words out on the Cops mouth " you could have ditched me with out braking a swet" , then "how fast were you going?" I shrug, he asks for my DR, and INS, I hand it to him. the asks again "HOW FAST WERE YOU GOING?" I reply I don’t know?
he then tells me he locked me in at 137, and I head lights were dipping to I was braking, so what did you get up to? I shrug, "I was not looking, maybe 55mph? lol" he replys LOLOL "ya right, Nice car, Have fun" hands me back my stuff " have a nice night". I reply " aaaa OK Thanks! you to" and I start it up and drive away:)

thats the 2nd time I have been pulled over in the viper and no ticket either time!
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and I wasn't envious of you enough already??

Badass story!!!Nice way of dodging a straight answer from the cops. I gotta learn to play it cool like that..
Damn Matt! Perks of the job I guess! I see you're not slowing down in preparation for fatherhood ;)

Did you get my email from earlier?
I will only slow down when I am ded!:)

hay " If speed kills, then do Brakes give life?"

what E-Mail?
An email re: industry/professional type things, inquiry, so forth. Something I'd rather not discuss publicly, just for prudency's sake. I sent it via the address listed on this site...
So Matt... you pick on Bikes now? hmm.... ever raced a turbo or a twin turboed Bike yet? :cool: Pick on someone your own size.... like a V10 pickup or something:p
I raced a torbo Harly 1 time, but it was very slow (like maby high 12's at best)
Guess that's a no on the email? ;)

is there another address I should use?
just try sending it again, some times things dont get to me.
I'll resend in the morning. 2:00 AM here. Work approaches far too quickly :( Thanks bro.

What you think you'll run in it at the track with your 150 shot? What other mods have you done to it What did your friend with the bike say? :) Oh and uhh -- Can we trade places for a day?
have not run at the track with the NOS yet, but I hope very lo 11's

I went by the guys house about 2hrs ago, and he was freeking that I was not in jail! LOLOL
he was shocked that he did not spank me, I led him on for a wile about how a stock viper ran him down, then told him about the NOS:)
haha I was gonna say, I hope you didnt tellh im about the NOS for a while. Good job leading him on for a bit. :D. That's always the way to do it. You're getting dangerously close to having the Viper beat Low Budget. We can't have that happen now, can we? :D
the Red stealth will be running soon with the Carbon/carbon clutch and 10.50 sec passes will soon fallow:) if not faster
Matt: You've got mail. :D
SnakeSkinner said:
the Red stealth will be running soon with the Carbon/carbon clutch and 10.50 sec passes will soon fallow:) if not faster
I want a video of that!!! My friends already shit their pants at seeing you're 11.009!!! I got a buddy at Boston College whose friends still don't believe him that it was a Stealth that did 11.009!!
T^hats too Fn funny. Next time when the cop says that you were gonig 135 tell him that you were going at least 200 and thet you better get your speedomitor fixed>:D :D
damnit next time im in carlsbad i wanna make a road trip and check out your cars and your shop hummmm road trip for monkey?heh
come on down:) if it's on a wekk end maby we can go to the track or somthing
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