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Northern Indiana Autocross gathering.. Sunday Oct 28!!

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This is in South Bend Indiana, close to Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis, Grand Rapids, etc. has all the details...

Autocross is actually an "Australian Pursuit", 2 cars start on opposite sides of an hourglass-shaped track... first car to complete 3 laps, or if you get within 1/4 lap of the car in front of you... WINS.

If we have 6 or more cars, we've been given permission to have our OWN CLASS so we can go head-to-head!
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How many cars do you have Jeremy?
this sounds like it could be a blast as long as ppl don't go crazy and wreck their cars! I'll see if any of the chicago guys wanna go!

Here's the running list, copied from the original thread and edited based on new info:

"For Sure's"
John Monnin 91 VR4 (downpipe, intake, gutted cats, MBC)
Jeremy Gleason 91 Stealth TT (MBC only)
Anti-pope 92 VR4 (??mods??)

Possible cars
Anti-pope's second driver
POSSIBLY a 2nd driver for my car

Oh, and Sanjay, no worries about wrecking cars... it's an open area and the only thing you could hit is a pylon and those wipe right off most of the time. We've had 8 events this year, 40 cars each with NO car damage... I don't think there were any accidents last year either... so its' very safe.
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Last call...

Please check the post at so we can all check in and know for sure who's coming!!
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