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Noisy belt on startup?

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I was just curious as to where I should probably look first. When I first start the car, I hear what sounds like a belt screech for a second or 2, and then it goes away. It only happens when the car is first started. Any idea what it might be? It's for a 92 Stealth TT.
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same problem here, 92 vr4

Seen several theories:

-accessory belt loose/slipping
-starter motor
-harmonic balancer pully coming unglued.

dunno which if any of these it could be, but I plan to attack it in that order so far.
I have the same problem. My mechanic said it was the air conditioning compressor clutch. If this doesnt sound right its called somthing to that effect.
It was talked couple of times,

I know mine went and I changed the starter and it went away, but who knows, it might be something else in your case.
I had this problem too, but mine just went away. (It'll probably start up again, since it's getting colder up here).

Harmonic Balancer Pulley comming unglued? (in the event of this problem occuring, is there another part we can buy that isn't "glued" on? The Idea of something that bears quite a bit of load being glued on doesn't really appeal to me.)
mine does the same thing when i start it and sometimes even when i shut it off, i can hear it too.
Ok guys, I figured it out:

It is the starter motor still spinning after the engine starts. Not sure if it is the starter motor going out.loose or if it is the relay that is not telling the starter to stop spining.

I pinpointed the starter motor by poping the clutch to start the car and it didn't make the noise.

Now that I know what it is, how to best fix it is next. Should I remove and clean the starter? Replace it? check the some relay switch between the ignition key and the starter?

anyone have this problem?
Try and remove it and clean it up first, didn't work for me....... so
I replaced the starter....... fixed my problem! $100 from Autozone gets you a remanufactured starter with a lifetime guarantee........ you have to turn in your old one for core exchange........
ok, $100 doesn't scare me, I thought the starter motor was closer to $200
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