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Nitrous on NA cars... mileage issues?!

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hey, i have a 95 base 3000gt and i need some serious speed for the $$ so im considering nitrous. However someone told me that after a certain amount of miles on your car that nitrous will blow your engine or something... so i was wondering is there any way that i can get nitrous? i have 70,000 miles and i will probably have like 75,000 miles by the time i buy it. I just need to know if i should worry about buying it, if there is a certain shot that i should get, or any other issues i should be concerned about. Thanks... any info on when too many miles to have nitrous is would be helpful. Thanks!

Matt D.
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go with small shots like 25-50 and you should be fine. I my self have 65000 miles and i've been using nos since 55000, my engine is holding better then expacted and i've did all the maintanace. As long as you do your maintanaces you should be fine.
Mileage issue shouldn't be a concern, unless your talking about driving with nos on everytime you drive and each gear.. if that's the case, i suggest getting a turbo conversion ;) nos refills aren't free.
There are a few guys running 75shot dry. I've heard thats the max. Even then I'd want a new fuel pump, and I'd want to check the injector loads when I ran it. That seems like a lot ...

I ran a 100shot a couple of times....until I started having some problems...I was told by the dealer that I had 3 burnt valve,but I was not using nos at the time.unrelated I'm sure. for a DOHC a 75shot is the max with no mods. after that you need fuel pump...etc...
Not sure but on an earlier thread there was a discussion that with the proper modification prior to the NOS..your engine and tranny should be fine and no arm will come to it by using the NOS.
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