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Night Shade

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Ok, I haven't particurally looked for this, but I haven't stumbled upon it either. How do you think night shade would look on the turn signals of my car? Did someone try it and its a big disaster?
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Ok, It would look something like this, but maybe with a dodge decal.
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so it will look like the anglefire banner?!?!?
It looks great on black cars, and other colors that look good with black accents. You have to spray it on in like 15 VERY light coats(single pass) for it to look smooth and uniform. It helps if y have a lot of experience with spray paint. I have a black 91 RX7 with all black lenses, and it looks factory.
im going to do it to my black es some time after im done with my neon back light mod (hard to explain)
Um it should have come up. THAT SHOULD be it
strike 2, try another host
your pics aren't coming up.

I've heard good things about nightshades. For those that don't know, its a Spray Tint of sorts. Spray it on plastic aka headlights, turn signals and it looks like they are black.
I want to get some but I think you have to order it.
I will practice on my busted *snake eyes* piece.

Ok, refresh this mother if it doesn't work. It is the bottom picture. will look 10 times better than that.

My tails are Nightshaded.

'91 Stealth ES
[email protected]


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Nightshade makes a wicked 5 'o clock shadow, too. Makes ya look all mean like a biker!
On my Black TT (with tint), I used Nightshade all around.

It looks great. I'll see if I can find a picture.
what if i were to get some and really f*** it up? is it possible to wash off?
933000 - Not that I know of...Maybe some alcohol or Paint stripper. Maybe 000 Steal Wool...not sure though. May scratch it pretty bad.

91StealthES, that looks like the shit!:D does light shine through brite enough not to get pulled over?? i want to do something like this to my car (its white, so i dunno how itll look)
It comes off of glass easily with mineral spirits, but once it's on plastic, you better get used to it. I tried to strip it off of Jamie's Mustang's corner lenses using mineral spirits, and ended up ruining the plastic and buying a set of clear corners. Get in touch with VHT (the maker) for more info on removal.

My advice is: buy 2 cans and practice on someone else's car first.

Here you go...comparison with just parking lights then brake lights.


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And 1 more



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