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Nice looking car alarm!

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looks decent. Most people dont bother stealing cars, not a big issue here in maryland less its petty thiefs who any power alarm can stop. I have a sidewinder *same as the viper* and it works fine but yes this looks nice. I payed 250 for mine fully installed so if you dont mind spending an extra hundred bucks then by all means sleep better at night! :)
Save your money, I have a solution that takes 30 secionds or less, is just as good, 100% effective and it DOESN'T COST A THING, it is free!
Worried about someone stealing your car. Parking in a mall or neighborhood your not sure about. Complete the following and your golden:

Pop the hood

Open the fuse box

Pull the egnition fuse and do one of the following:

Put it in your pocket or if you own a Stealth, put the fuse in the "Active Areo" slot.

Close the box, shut the hood and voila your golden.

If you are concerrned about the bad guys figuring out which fuse is which, just peal off turn the fuse schematic that is found on top of the fuse box and turn it UPSIDE DOWN.

Your car isn't going anywhere. If a theif breaks in, it is highly unlikly he would think "it's a fuse." He is more likly to think it is an alarm, hidden kill swithch etc... He will not spend the time to look, all he knows is that his target is a wash.

"Works for me."

Dr. Jerry Scolamiero, 1993 Dodge Stealth RTTT:cool:
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CLIFFORD :D They used to be the best, till they sold out
that big red dog was the best, that'll keep any thief away
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