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Ok, I have been put in charge of getting magazine coverage for this year's NG... and Brian GT Pro has graciously offered his CONTACTS for SCC and Turbo magazines to better our chances of getting in.

If you guys notice, this month's issue has 3 or 4 pages to the Supras Vegas meet, where there was only 150 cars. Hell we're going to easily have over 200 this year, so we BETTER get in.

ANYWAY... the mags have asked for us to go over-and-above to get them to cover our event...

So here's what I need:

I need a LIST of all the "big guns" with MODIFIED cars, that are at least "maybe" coming to the NG. I'm talking GOOD cars... built engines, cars will cutting edge parts (alky/propane, etc), sponsored cars, body kits, etc.

Once I get that list, I'm contacting them and getting PICS and BIOS from each person. I'm putting together a booklet that will be printed and bound, and given to the mags. This will REALLY impress them and make it MUCH MUCH more likely that they'd show up!

I'm going to be dedicating easily 40 hours to this, but I NEED EVERYONE'S HELP!

Here's a "top of my head" list of the cars I want in the booklet, but I NEED MORE CARS>.. make your suggestions and MAKE IT EASY FOR ME TO CONTACT THESE PEOPLE (ie. usernames at least, emails are better)

The List (no particular order)

GT Pro's Drag Pro
GT Pro's USCC car
Jim Juliff (contact info?)
Matt Monet (multiple cars?)
Trevor (contact info?)
Hans91GT (multiple cars?)(contact info?)
Pete P's old car (need the new owner?)(contact info?)
Imp Power Online's car
96TTtrqmnster (or something like that??)(contact info?)
Terry Bosserman (contact info?)
JB Huang (contact info?)
StreetRacer (contact info?)
Mike Mahaffey (orange car)
The Purple AAM car
Isn't there one other AAM guy that's all built up?
Hellbringer (contact info?)
2mitsus (contact info?)
Mikes95rt (is it done?) (contact info?)
There's a guy in Chicago, can't remember who? Anyone? (contact info?)


Apologies for any blaring mistakes/omissions... that's why I need everyone's help...

So POST the "big guns" and their contact info!

When I'm done with the "Big Guns Book" I just might make it available as a PDF online for everyone's use, maybe for a $5 donation to the NG or something. :)
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