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Being situated in the U.S., I cannot speak for your countries economics and say if that is a good purchase or not.
  • Assuming that the interior, and engine bay look similar (maybe an 7 or 8/10 condition), I'd imagine that would be even a similar or fair price in U.S. standards ($7,000 to $9,000).

  • Relatively low miles, but could be due for it's big 60K (100K Km) service interval.. So if you're thinking about parts, think about the maintenance and how to even get serviceable parts/importing parts in.

  • Every car is reliable, if, you take care of them. The 3000GT is no exception, treat it well, and it will return the favour. That is to say, it is not as easy to take care of or lax like a Civic/Accord that can be abused and mistreated, and still run like a champ.

  • The older 1st gen models 90-93 (pop ups) have ECU issues with the capacitors bursting.. Just be aware of that if one day your car cannot start or starts acting funny, this is usually a good culprit after exhausting all other troubleshooting options.

As far as your expectations: My opinion is you wanna stop right about here "I want to drive on weekends and have fun doing day trips"

The SL and all for what it's worth, just enjoy it as is. It will look good, feel sporty, have a "little" speedy feeling.

If you're going to go turbo, just get the turbo model and have less of a headache. Personally I don't think it worth the time, and money to do all the turbo conversion stuff on a vehicle that already has the best model come with turbo.

Good luck.
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