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Newbie Questions

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Well Id like to start off by apoligizing because Im sure this has been gone over before, but I couldnt find anything in the archives. Im in the process of purchasing a 99 V-R4, im not very familiar with the car so im trying to learn as much as I can. In what order should you mod the car? What hp levels can you get on stock engines, fuel and turbos? Which gets upgraded first? I know of Altered Atmosphere and GT Pro, whose the best tuner for the cars?

Thanks guys,
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Dynamic Racing is another good tuner for our cars. They have staged kits w/ est. HP Gains.
Most people free up the Intake and the exhaust first to let the engine breath better and get rid of all that burnt up gasses, then you can up the boost with a boost controller get get a good bit more of a HP Gain. Hope that helps out some.

Your one lucky guy to be getting one of the few 99 vr4's out there...:D :D :D
Thanks, what boost controller, exhaust and intake do most people reccomend or is it more of personal preference?

mostly personal preferance. i here alot of people like the ATR catback echaust for what it costs (check dynamicracing i think). for boost conrollers it depends on what you plan on spending. ~$40 for a manual BC to $300+ for an electronic controller. definately check out dynamic racings site, the staged upgrades will help you get an idea of what you want to do.
Thanks what electonic boost controllers are there, or are the most popular? So far ive come across the Blitz DCBC and HKS EVC IV.... anyone else have any experience with other ones?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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