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Hell-o forks..

How's everyone? Sorry haven't emailed anyone
in ages. i have no made-up excuse. Just
been lazy and busy doing, well really have no
idea what else...

January gathering in LA with the Vegas and
San Fran guys looks like a plan. For some of
you who have missed every OTHER gathering
this year (ahem!) you have another chance!
Email me at [email protected] for more

New Years: If you don't have plans for world
domination on New Year's Eve and wanna hang
with the cool folks: Dan, Me and a couple
others are gonna be here in LA if you'd like
to join us. Email me or Dan and let us know.
We will definately have some interesting
stuff to do! Dan will be here next Tuesday
night, and of course New Year's eve, etc. so
we'll probably all get together that Saturday
(Jan 1st?) or so for dinner, etc. So keep
that weekend also free folks!

Car is still in the shop. Hopefully will get
it by the end of the year. Currently driving
a real sexy, hot momma Nissan Sentra. Look
out average-looking women. Here I come!!

Brian at helped fix my neon's
tranny problem. So kudos once again to
Brian, even on non-gt problems!

If I don't hear from some of you or see you.
Have a great xmas and a safe new year's.
See you in the New Year if the world hasn't
blown up by then.

That's it. Going back to spend more quality
alone time with my x-mas tree now.

care take..

-= nav =-
-= =-

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Hi everyone...Just wanted to get this post back to the top of the list for exposure purposes...I'm looking forward to seeing everyone next week! My baby goes into the shop Saturday for her 60k service...Then she goes under the knife later that night for the new y-pipe/blow off valve. She should be primed and ready for the long drive I have planned next week...(Geez, I gotta stop referring to my car as a "She"...Maybe if I had a real "She" in my life, she'd go back to being just a car. Ok. Anyway. Yikes, where did all that come from? Kinda like a bad burp...Sorry....Whoo....)

So, let's get a list going here of who will be available next week for socialization and other (inebriatory) functions! Don't knock my "inebriatory" word...I'm rewriting Webster's! I can't wait to get outta San Ho...It should be fun, (aren't all of our get togethers fun?), so let's come up with some ideas on where to spend some time?

See you all soon....

Dan J
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Hey guys.

I'm sorry I couldn't make it to the Vegas Gathering. I will go to the LA one though. As long as its not the 28th. heh. Unless you guys want to gather at a car show. Anyways, let me know what days it will be. I know it will be great.

Courtney =)

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Hey... I've wanted to go to both other gatherings you guys had planned. But because of work and my car dying... i couldn't go. So I am itching for an L.A. gathering.... let me know when and where and I'll be there!

e-mail me with more info!
BTW just got my car back from Brian's a few weeks ago... got the single front mount HUGE intercooler.... LOOKS SWEET. Brian does some SERIOUSLY GOOD WORK! If anyone wants to see it in person, I'll be at the L.A. gathering whenever it is!

Jose Soriano
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Hey I been wanting a mini LA gathering for a while.. just kinda embarassed to ask due to my absence from the last 2 CA gathering..

It's just kinda hard for me to spent a whole weekend hundreds of miles away.. my current situation just can not allow that..

Anyways.. enough of my BS excuses.. i want a LA Gathering.. i think we have a few new folks in the area.. New Years eve is a bad time for me tho.. have plans already ( ready to get high and drunk!! hehe..).. other than that.. im open!!!
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