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1994 Mitsubishi 3000GT SL Manual
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Hi guys! Just picked up a 1994 3000GT SL with 128k miles on her. She definitely isn't perfect but she's good for 94'. I'm going to tackle the major 120k service in the next few days and then tidy up her coolant overflow reservoir as it is just JB Welded. I linked some pictures of her below. Other than an aftermarket steering wheel and seats, she's OEM. Any first upgrades you guys recommend? I am thinking about lowering it but staying on stock coilovers until I get some more miles out of her before I start dumping money. I know 3SX is a good website for these cars. List out how you would upgrade her (I.E the order) (Exhaust, Springs, e85, etc...) I need some ideas on what I want to do with her. Thank you!

ALSO! I am looking into getting new wheels for her. She's sitting on 2003 EVO Wheels but I want a different look. Going for a clean 5 spoke look. Either gold or white. Thoughts?

See pictures below. (Resprayed at roughly 124k miles) (Engine resealed roughly 4k miles ago)

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