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new or used brake pads, underdrive pulley, rotors, or rims.

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I'm lookin for new or used performance brake pads, underdrive pulley, cross slotted rotors, and a pair of 17" Konig Imagine rims all for a base 95'. If anyone has any of these for a reasonable price please let me know. Thanks
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I have a new set of Stillen rotors and pads for your car instock if you're interested.
what kind of deal can u give me for a pair of front brake pads for a 95' base?
Is there any way u could reduce the price for a group buy or something? Almost everyone sales them for $50. Thanks
If you get a group of 10 people together for something other then brake pads, then I'll see what I can do. I would rather do a group buy for rotors AND pads combined.
Are Stillen the only performance brand pads u sell?
I also sell Axxis metal matrix pads. They run $55 for the front pair. I don't have any of those in stock, but I do stock the Stillen pads and rotors usually.
are the stillin rotors cross drilled with stainless steel? and how much for the pads and rotors
Front stillen rotors are $250 for the fronts and $280 for the rears. Stillen pads are $50/pair. Stainless lines are $200 for a set.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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