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New hyper needles over indiglo guages.. help

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I am doing the indiglo gauge thing today.. my interior is in pieces.. and I lost the instructions for the import intelligence hyper needles... they seemed pretty complex so I don't want to just try to remember... does anyone have a copy that they can e-mail me? I have to get this done today or tommorow. Sigh
Figured my bros would take care of me faster than import intelligence might.
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I have the indiglo needles too and I still have the instructions, I will scan them tomorrow and then e-mail them to you. Just let me know your addy. We will get you back on track sooner than you know
are your indiglo needles hooked up yet??
how do they look? do you like them?? pics?? worth $50?
please do share
they are hooked up but I have no digital camara but i will do my best to get one.
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