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New Facebook group greater kcmo area

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I decided it's high time to get a group going for the local Kansas City Metro guys. Maybe use it for parts swapping, local car sales, lending hands, and get together. So basically what this site is for but more localized haha. Either way it is called Greater Kansas City 3S Auto Club. Find it. Join it. Spread the word. And let's get out there to meet each other and show off what we have! Hope to see some new faces in there soon.

Lees Summit, MO
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I'm in
Well there's some irony. The guy I'm supposed to meet up with for some parts is the first member lol. Congrats and I hope this grows to a rather large number of members. I know there are quite a few out there. We just have to track them down!
Need to make business cards to put on windsheilds.
I was actually thinking the same thing. Kind of a work in progress thing right now.
I'm from Wichita. Wouldn't mind joining the group.
We would gladly welcome you. I think the direct link to it is
just fyi
joined /pending but sorta farther out im in the omaha area
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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