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Hey guys our chapter is getting boring...

My next car is going to be a straight race car.
DSM or 3S

I am leaning towards dsm because I already have the vr4 which should be well over 400awhp in the spring. Also I think a 2.3L dsm with a holset would be pretty cool.

Feel free to bring up new topics... example: stans new vr4 is gay
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Oh really? Have you had problems, or do you have a cheaper place? They're fairly close for me, so if there's an alternative I'd also be interested...
Oh really? Have you had problems, or do you have a cheaper place? They're fairly close for me, so if there's an alternative I'd also be interested...
I can send you a PM being more specific as to not "bash" ESP on a public forum but in short some major services paid for were not performed.
dang.... been going to ESP for 10 yrs, always perfect :)

Say, what are our now antique 3S cars costing for state excise tax? NH has mine pegged at 90 bucks a year, based on the MSRP of 30k
I'm pretty sure mine was around $75... Which I guess isn't horrible for MA.
In CT cars registered as antiques (they call them classic vehicles) get a maximum tax valuation of $500, so '96s and older now cost less than $30/year.
okkk.... also will be cool to get the plates, only like 6 or 8 bucks a year ! i forget, it feels as good as free hehe
Hi guys! Happy New Year! LOL.

I think NH is 25 years for antique status, so still a while for my '96. OTOH, Mo is there, I think one of his Stealths is a '91 and the other is a '92.

IDK what the Mitsu is being valued at by the state. The sticker was around $45k I think. I'd have to look up what they hit me up for last year, or wait a few months when they get me again in May this year.

Paul T
yup, I got them for my 83 and that was back in 2009... so year 26 in NH. Excise is the same as always, only the plates and reg papers got cheap
It has been a while but I finally got my car all back together...

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Very nice! Gotta love a white VR4. And, is that a '99 rear garnish? And '99 sails?? Awesome. Looks good, even if most people do the front end not the back!
I'm looking to replace my bucket and radiator support so I can do the 2G conversion. Anyone around CT who's willing to take up a job? I don't know how to weld unfortunately.

Was gonna get it done along with new paint job but paint is taking a back seat for now. For now I'd just like to get bumper and headlights on and driveable.
Anybody else getting excited about Spring?!

... that is, if there's anyone left in here :confused:
UCONN car show is April 15th, that's always a good excuse to get out.
I am taking the vr4 out of storage next week. She is going to ESP on 3/12 for cx sidemounts and dyno tuning.

I'll post up the results and I'll see you guys at the UCONN meet!
When will it end?!?!?!?!?! I would just like to have a week where its over 50 degrees so I can start working on the stealth
Hey guys. Bringing this conversation thread back from the dead. I started a New England 3000GT/Stealth group on Facebook. Do a quick search for: New England 3000GT/Stealth Chapter

This group has been created to extend the 3Si New England Chapter on Facebook. This would allow members to communicate quickly, organize car gatherings, ask questions, request some help, buy and sell local parts, etc.
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