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Hey guys our chapter is getting boring...

My next car is going to be a straight race car.
DSM or 3S

I am leaning towards dsm because I already have the vr4 which should be well over 400awhp in the spring. Also I think a 2.3L dsm with a holset would be pretty cool.

Feel free to bring up new topics... example: stans new vr4 is gay
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I am still around, Got the Fiji blue vr4. Been crazy busy at the new shop. Hope to give it some of my attention this year.
I just picked up a 91 vr4. I lived without a 3000gt for a whole 2 years..

Anyone around have some decent cloth front seats?
Welcome back! I don't have any seats, though.

Whose red 3S with the big round scoops in the hood blisters in Pepperel? I saw it driving by Saturday afternoon. I just saw a thread about those scoops, too...

Paul T
Finally started working on the 91 vr4 I picked up.
I guess this guy wasn't lying that it was from Florida, I have never had such luck taking the car apart, not 1 broken bolt... Going to toss the engine and transmission in this weekend and see if I can get it running. Painted the engine bay before I got to that at least.. going for glacier white pearl.

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Nice work, dude!
Looks great -- I'm curious because my engine bay need to be re-painted. Did you use a real paint gun or rattle can?
Yeah a paint gun. The white pearl is a pain, as it is a 3 stage paint.

I have to get it all back together and running, probably paint the rest of the car over the winter.
Oh dang you went full pearl in there
Random question: Anyone replace the front turbo oil feed return line from below? I'm trying to figure out how to take off the upper motor mount bracket off and it's being a total pain. Is there only 2 bolts?

I need to take it off to access the blocked bolt as seen in the picture below:

I didn't want to do it from above like most people do it because I already had the starter and downpipe off.
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It's s fun job, I ended up removing the front turbo and leaving the turbine housing.
Its 3 bolts and I believe 1 is tucked behind the turbo.
Broke the head off one of the screws for the oil return line on the turbo. Anyone in CT willing to help me remove it? The compressor side of the turbo is out and I can bring it to you.

I have a screw extractor set but don't feel comfortable using it on such a small screw on a turbo
Bump - !

Alternatively, anyone know a machine shop that I could pay to help me?
Try accurate machine in middletown on Newfield street.
Glad to see this thread still kicking around. I figured i'd stop by and say hi. Any good meet ups this year? I've been out of the scene way too long. I need to get myself another vr4, and fast! lol
Try accurate machine in middletown on Newfield street.
Thanks, went there and they did a good job. I wish he would have told me it was a $60 job before I gave it to him though.

Lesson learned. Finally can work on her again though!
Hey guys. I'm new to the area and just picked up another VR4. She's a little rough, but overall pretty decent for the price, I think. Can anyone reccomend a decent 3s friendly shop around the Boston area? I need to see what I'm up against with the beast. Thanks in advance. Looking forward to getting to a meet!
Welcome Lansvy!

I have been taking mine to ESP Performance in Stirling MA for the past year.

Dave over there has experience with these cars and has done quality work for me.
Thank you, that's actually not too far from where I'm staying. I'll stop in over there after I figure out which baby animal(s) I need to sacrifice to Almighty DMV lords to get my license and plates swapped over.
Welcome Lansvy!

I have been taking mine to ESP Performance in Stirling MA for the past year.

Dave over there has experience with these cars and has done quality work for me.
Depending on what work is being performed, I would be cautious with ESP. If its engine work I would pass...
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