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While the vehicle I just changed the brake fluid on was NOT one of my 3KGTs, I will be changing it on them too, so this question should still be relevant to this board's interests...

After replacing a blown brake line and changing the fluid (which must have been VERY old), I cannot get the drums back on over the shoes on the rear wheels (drums on back, discs on front). Is this common? I'm assuming that with the new fluid there must be increased pressure or something and it is like the brakes are actually being applied (compared to how they were before). If that is the problem, how difficult is it to adjust the brakes, and what is the proper way to do it? I saw a little star type thing I could twist, but it didn't seem to contract them enough to get the drums on.

Now, as far as the 3000GTs, since I noticed this problem with the drums, I'm wondering if the same thing happens with the discs. Might my front discs on this vehicle also be rubbing now? When I do my 3000s, might all 4 discs rub due to the increased pressure? If so, are THEY (discs) hard to adjust? Are there instructions somewhere for adjusting disc and drum brakes that one of you might know of (on the web)?


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