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I've been away from 3SI for almost 2 months now, mainly due to some problems with my ES and some personal issues.

Surprisingly, I've found that I've missed it. :)

I've come back after discussion with some members here who I am also good friends with in real life.

Part of the reason I left was a general distaste for the direction 3SI was heading. Petty bickering, flaming, and a general apathy for actual LEARNING among other things.

When I joined 3SI 4 years ago, I was really proud of this group. We didn't have the fastest or most widely supported cars, but the members were generally sincere and respectful. The trolling and general "internet attitude" that was present on other sites didn't seem to affect 3SI.

Sadly, that has changed. I've spent the last couple days skimming over posts from the last two months, and I find I've missed precious little of what drew me here in the first place.

There has been much in the way of personal drama, tons of flaming, and a serious influx of lazy new users who would rather be spoon fed information and take offence when someone suggests they show a little initiative before asking questions.

You have to wade through 3 pages of crap just to find some technical discussion worth reading, and even that has to be filtered within the thread for half-baked "me too" posts.

Alan does the best job he can moderating this board, given the circumstances. A radical reengineering of the board structure is not likely to happen due to user concerns. Alan is acting in the interests of the user community at large, which is exactly why he's here.

That's fine. That's where I come in.

After presenting my case to board management, we've decided to create a new Advanced Technical Discussion forum within the board, modeled after the Advanced Tech board on DSM

The final rules are still being drafted, but this is it in a nutshell.

The Advanced forum will be strictly moderated by me. Flaming and newbie posts will not be tolerated. Anyone who can't be bothered to do at least a little bit of research before posting will be asked to post in one of the existing forums.

Everyone will be welcome to post in the Advanced forum, provided the rules are followed. My aim is to create a mini-board where technical minded people can come and discuss the cars and how and why they function the way they do, and expand our collective knowledge base, without having to skim through several pages of irrelevant posts or topics that have been answered a dozen times over.

Think of it like the Team 3S Technical mailing list, but much more friendly, diverse, conversational, and with a whole lot of other forums that you can post off-topic content in without getting banned for it. ;)

3SI is going down hill, but that can be changed. I don't have all the answers. I don't really want to. But one thing I do want to do is try to help this group back to the to where it was when I joined, so that everyone can benefit from this community. I want to get the technical contributors back on board here so that EVERYONE can benefit and so that EVERYONE can advance.

I'm sick of playing second fiddle to over-financed Supra owners. I'm tired of playing catch-up with Mustangs and Camaros. I'm bored with living in the shadow of DSMs.

For too long this community has overlooked its single greatest strength...our one true advantage that I believe few other groups posses. OURSELVES.

Nobody will be excluded, but there will be rules to keep the signal to noise ratio low. The rules will be clearly posted and everyone will be asked to follow them. The remainder of the board as it exists today will not be touched, and only the Advanced forum will be subject to those rules.

There will be a post announcing the new forum when the rules are finalized and it's open for business. This will hopefully be sometime around Monday morning.

In the meantime, I'd like to hear any questions or concerns from anyone who's interested.

I'd also like to say, it's good to be back. :)

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Sounds like a good idea to me!

I too, am...dissatisfied, I guess you might call it, with the current direction the board seems to be taking. Too many people complaining about "my girlfriend dumped me" and not enough people talking about tech! The reason I joined 2 years ago was because I wanted to find out any and all I could about the 3/S platform, now I see it is far more difficult to do this as I am constantly having to wade through utterly useless posts, some of which I am guilty of replying too. However I think your idea is a move in the right direction...1 small step for the 3/S, 1 giant leap for 3si:D

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Cool. I don't agree with the general "board going to hell" consensus, but I like this idea.

I was just worried because I noticed Gate was a moderator for some forum I couldn't see ;)

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I like the idea, but I am a little concerned about my knowledge level, or lack of, and whether there will be tolerence for people who may not know everything (or even very much) but are willing to learn.

Until about a month ago, I had never done anything under the hood except change the oil once in a blue moon. I really don't know anything about engines or even cars, at all. I came to 3SI to try to learn more about my car, but I've got to start somewhere.

I have made extensive use of the "search" function, and learned a lot, but I've asked some stupid questions, and I'm sure I'll ask many more questions that seem incredibly basic to you guys who can tear your engine out, rebuild it, and put it back in.

I don't post "me toos" and I don't flame, and my personal life isn't really up for discussion here, but I would hope to see a tolerance for people who want to learn, but may not be up to speed on everything.

That said, I'll understand if you just want me (or people like me) to lurk and not post in the technical forum, but I always learn more when I can ask questions, too. Do you have an idea of how the "beginning mechanics" among us will be welcomed or not in the technical forum?


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Originally posted by Aeryk (partial quote)
I'll understand if you just want me (or people like me) to lurk and not post in the technical forum, but I always learn more when I can ask questions, too. Do you have an idea of how the "beginning mechanics" among us will be welcomed or not in the technical forum?

Aeryk - I am a person like you, I guess. I do not work on or modify my car continuously as others may, but love my car all the same. I'm always up for learning more about my car, but probably spend more time getting involved in the "gathering/group" aspect of our cars than the technical engineering aspect.

I have found that asking questions using the "New Members Questions" and "General" sections to name a few (and the Search as you referred to), have been very useful for me in getting answers. There are some Tech guys out there that actually watch :eek: these sections and are very helpful. Ya never know, you and I may end up being knowledgeable enough to actually, key word here is "contribute", to the "Advanced Tech Section" someday. ;)

I recall when new sections were created recently for AWD & FWD. This was a good step forward, but just didn't address the issue of a lacking Advanced Tech section.

Gatecrasher - great idea & your commitment to the 3/S community is appreciated... :)
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