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1998 3000GT VR4
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Hello all,

Just wanted to drop in and say hi. I am sure I will be searching all over for assistance as I bring my new to me VR4 back to life.

Its a 1998 VR4 in Solano Black. It seems the timing belt was on its way out as its half-on half-off the timing gears and it cut through the timing cover. I will need to pull it apart and investigate the situation but hopefully nothing too serious. The car has a Kevlar timing belt, HKS hard pipes, DNP merge pipe, 13g's, HKS intercoolers, 550's, and a Denso 255.

The car sat for about 8 years, which is unfortunate so it needs a lot of attention. I pulled the fuel pump and the gas was red-ish orange, pump is clogged, and there is rust everywhere. The motor still turns over, so I don't think there are any bent valves but I feel obligated to tear it down to the block and re-gasket the whole thing and do valve seats.

I am sure I will have plenty of questions as I go, just wanted to say hi!




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Welcome! Great, rare car with potential 馃憣

-sent from my Galaxy Note 9

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You're definitely on the right track getting it running well. It's one of the rarer ones to save being a 98. Let us know if you have any questions.

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Congratulations!. I am finalizing the restoration of my 1992 3000gt VR4 and can appreciate how excited you must be.


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Wow, 98 is my favorite year. And I still can't believe how rusty the fuel pump got.
Me either, this thing looks like it was under seawater and has barnacles growing on it lol.

For sitting though, the car visually looks great. So much potential.

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Welcome to the club!

If your timing belt is wearing through the cover its likely a bad water pump. When they go bad the bearing fails and drops, which puts the belt on an angle making it want to ride off the pulley. If you don't catch it quickly it will destroy the belt, skip timing and bend your valves. I recommend a new OEM water pump ASAP. (y)
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