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Neverending hesitation problem

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I have the hesitation problem at or below 3000 rpm, but then it goes away after 3000rpms.
I have changed the fuel filter and a few more things but to no avail. It is a 93 Stealth ES.
It is also irratic, and not all the time
Can you help me?????????
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dude its the a search
I'm having the same problem.

I suffer from a similar problem. Is there a resolution to the problem? Is it likely the ECU? Can the ECU be tuned or is replacement needed? If ECU replacement is needed, what do these things cost and are they easy to install?
I have the same problem.. went away shortly with Sea Foam.. now it's back.
Sea Foam?

What is Sea Foam?
I had the excact same problem. I was getting a huge hesitation problem around 3000 rpms. Talked to the guys on the forum. They suggested getting the plugs and wires changed and gapping them at .032. (you want to gap them pretty low if you are overboosting your turbos) I did and it worked like a charm. Car pulls hard all the way to redline now. Fells like a new car, runs smother too.

ok, i am in the same boat here....

error code: 4 long, 4 short. indicating that hte 1&4 coil/power transistor/wires are bad.
i just replaced the wires and plugs. when i start the car, the idle is around 3-400 or so and within 15 seconds the check engine light comes on. i just had my ecu rebuilt not 3 weeks ago.
i need to know what my next steps should be in order to solve these problems.
i am using ngk wires, with champion 71 plugs at about a .35 gap.
stock coils.
any ideas???
ive got the same hesitation problem under 3000 rpms, and have changed the plugs and the fuel filter. i think it might be the tps but i havent tried changing/testing it yet. the only reason i havent is because when i higher the octane (like with fuel system cleaner or with octane booster,) the low rpm sputtering goes away for that tank of gas. its like for some reason my car requires higher than 93 octane to run correctly. i dunno what the problem is, but my car is in the shop for another week or so because my wheel fell off when driving, and im gonna focus on getting rid of that damn sputtering problem as soon as i get it back. ill let ya know if i find out anything. g'luck

I'd suggest look'n for a small light show around your #1&4 coil.
well, i did it....

the ecu wasnt really rebuilt, just had new caps put on it. apparently it was too far gone. i ordered a new one today from weber bros in PA. it should be at my house on sat.
the coils were fine since i changed them out with my friends stealth(his works fine btw) and i checked everything else.
book says to replace ecu if you find no fault in the parts that the error code dictates, sooooo.....i ordered a ecu.
ill let yall know what happens...

i looked at my coils and i think they looked okay. i didn't see any cracks in them or anything. i want to make sure my timing isn't off, from my symptoms it sounds like it could be the problem. but i still dont understand how raising the octane by adding fuel system cleaner makes the low rpm hesitation go away. i dont want to keep using it, but my car feels like it pulls harder, and it doesn't just run like shit when i put in a fuel additive. would that make it a fuel-system related problem??
I had bad hesitation.. Just changed my plugs. NGK Platinum R's.. now it runs like a dream. :)

One of my plugs was burnt the f--- up.. heh. Wonder how that happened.
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