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$$ needed! I'm not too proud to ask...

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3Si Needs $$ I'm not too proud to ask...

I have about 15 decals that need to be sent out to recent membership subscribers since 10.15, but that does not cover the recent expenses.

1300.00 for server space and bandwith
~700.00 covered from out of pocket the rest was in the 3Si account.
1069.00 for merchendise
~800.00 covered from out of pocket The rest was covered in slaes.

If you can to help out.

1. take a minute to register and pay pal 8.00 bucks for a membership if you havent already done so. (Some of our dealers will honor discounts only with a paid 3Si membership)

2. Buying something from the catalog will help reduce the paid for inventory and put money back into the account.

3 Make a cash contribution, (A number of flks have done this in the past and I will make sure that all who donate 10.00 bucks or more will be recognized.)
Click on the link on the frontpage, paypal money to [email protected] from or send a check or money order to
3000GT/Stealth International
p.o. Box 1323
Forestdale MA 02644

Other avenues are being looked at.:
Annual dues
paid advertising (None pop-up, restricted to certain areas of the website)
Changing ISP's to unlimited bandwidth servers. (his may slow down the board a bit, but reduce month costs.)

Thanks for your help,

Drive safely.

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