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You guys have shown up for shows several times and I am so grateful to see you guys out in the crowd (even though I don't get to hang out much). We are playing another show at Mississippi Nights on June 17th. The difference is, the studio / label wants us to double our last ticket sales. They handed us 200 tickets and confirmed the show for us. This is on a Friday night.

Now here's where everyone's help comes in to play. I BEG everyone to hock tickets to ANYONE they know. This is a pathetic attempt at generating ticket sales LOL. You all have seen us play several times, so you can better describe our music or "style".

We also have a show at Just Bills on Woodson on the 11th that we are hocking tickets for as well. Would love to have some people show up at that show, but not a necessity like we are needing for Mississippi Nights. I would like to have a good crowd at Just Bills, but NEED a HUGE crowd at Mississippi Nights.

For those of you who haven't seen us, go to and look under the media. There is a live video there from our show at The Pageant.
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