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I've done the obligatory Google search etc, to no avail.

Does anyone have plain, clip art style (line drawings) of the Stealth and/or 3000GT that I could use? Must be vector graphics, .svg preferred.

I have plenty of bitmap images, I don't need those. I have been converting them to vector, but it is a long, tedious process.

I'm working on some cool projects for ECG, among other things, and could really use a hand with this. Could some of you guys see if you can find scalable vector graphics of these cars, that I could use? I have searched many free vector graphics sites, but no luck.

If you find any, please download the file for me, rather than just forwarding the link.

Or would someone mind creating a few nice, clean "clip art" style graphics of these cars? Needs to be black/white only line art, no shading or dithering, as few nodes as possible.

PM me if you can help...I am making some cool stuff for ECG.
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