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Need Lighter Rims...prefer 17"

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I need a set of rims for the track that are really light(20-25lbs. or less)17" preferred. Must fit 93 VR4.
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I may have some Enkei RP01s in 17x8 for sale soon. I thiunk they weigh around 17lbs each. They are in pretty good condition and on my car right now. They will fit the VR4 with a 5mm spacer on the front (two spacers for the 2nd gen front brakes).

spacers would be provided
I have a set of 17x9.5 ENKEI RPO 1 with 245/45/17 Kumho DOT Race tires on. They fit my 97 3000GT VR4 with hub centric adapter that send to me when i purchased these rims and they are amazingly light for their size. I 've never put them on scale but discountires and lots of people say they weigh around 17-19 lbs.
I am interested in anything! Pics...price?!?!
You can have them for $450 + shipping when I remove them from my car (approx 3 weeks). 3 worn tires and one brand new tire on them right now 255/40/17
NaughtyTT, do you have an email account? If you do, please send to me at [email protected] I will send pic and price to you via your email.

To get lighter rims (from the stock 16s), should I go with 17" racing rims, or 18" racing rims. (will the 18s prove any difference in weight over 16s, or would 17s be the nice medium?)
hey, not to but in, but i need rims too, and im not about to pay 2 grand for new ones, so if you dont want any foward some emails over to [email protected] or some people send me offers thanks, if u pass on those enikis im next in line
To esc,
It all depends onhow much are those 16s, 17s, or 18s wiegh. Remember, the lighter, the better! If you can find a rim that is bigger than your 16" rim with the equivalent weight, it would be perfect. This is because, you can have a bigger and wider tires to go with. That means, you'll have more grip. Normally, the bigger rim weogh more than the smaller rim. Unless you want one of those Volks, HRE, or Kinesis rim. These rims are so light compare to the size of them. Of course, they are expensive, too.
Hope this help a little.
BlackCow ;)
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