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Need help with 60k from someone with a manual.......

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I left my manual at work and cannot get it until Monday. I need to know what *special* order the engine support brackets bolts need to come off.
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special order? I just took them off.. :)

Just make sure you have the engine supported while you do it so it's easier..
Not the motor mount bolts. I am talking about the bracket that the motor mount bolts onto on the engine.
here's what you're looking for:

<img src="">


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ahh.. those.. ;) I thought you meant the 3 up on top.. my bad
good thing that some of us know what we're talking about (DUH Leland :p)
yeah, why don't you disconnect the waste gates so you can run 6psi while you at it :p (DUH Kevin)
hans, you will die now :D

remember that i am just starting out with this TT thing :p
where can you get an "over all" manual for 3si's? Would it be downloadable?
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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